Test1: Go through implementation - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation (XD101)

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2023.2 English

As the hardware platform is created from part support example design or from scratch, it’s recommended to run through implementation and device image generation to find errors in early stage for the base bootable design. The platform doesn’t need the implementation results, the implementation is used for design validation only.

Show Detailed Steps of Implementation
  1. Validate the Block Design

    • Click Validate Design (F6) button in block diagram toolbar.

  2. Create HDL Wrapper

    • In Sources tab, right click system.bd and select Create HDL Wrapper. In the pop-up window, select Let Vivado Manage.

  3. Select Run implementation from Flow Navigator, Click OK in Launch Runs setup dialog.

  4. Generate Device Image (For Method2)

    • Click Generate Device Image in Flow Navigator

    • Click Yes if it pops up a message to say No Implementation Results Available.

    missing image

    • Click OK for default options for Launch Runs dialogue.

    It takes a while to generate block diagram and run through implementation.

    PDI is generated in custom_hardware_platform.runs/impl_1/

  5. Export fixed XSA file (For Test3)

    a) Click Menu File -> Export -> Export Hardware. Click Next.

    b) Select Output to Include Device Image. Click Next.

    c) Set output XSA file name as xsa_fixed and the directory. Click Next.

    d) Click Finish