Generating Static Boot Image - 2024.1 English

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2024.1 English

A DFX platform can boot the static region during power on. The static boot image can include static region PDI for hardware configuration, Arm® Trusted Firmware bl31.elf, u-boot.elf, and device tree for U-Boot.

When creating a DFX platform, static boot.bin is required. You generate this boot image before creating the platform.

Static PDI is included in the static region XSA. You can use the XSCT command openhw $(XSA_NAME)_static.xsa to extract the XSA and find the PDI.

Run bootgen command to create the boot.bin.

bootgen -arch versal -image bootgen.bif -o boot.bin;

The bootgen.bif` should contain the following information.

image {
	{ type=bootimage, file=<static>.pdi }
image {
	id = 0x1c000000, name=apu_subsystem 
	{ type=raw, load=0x00001000, file=build/boot/system.dtb }
	{ core=a72-0, exception_level=el-3, trustzone, file=build/boot/bl31.elf }
	{ core=a72-0, exception_level=el-2, file=build/boot/u-boot.elf }