Review the Versal Extensible Platform Example Part_base Platform Setup - 2023.2 English

Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation (XD101)

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2023.2 English
  1. (Optional) Export block diagram Tcl to cross check the Tcl commands, or recreate design in the future.

    • Click File -> Export -> Export Block Diagram.

    • Check the Tcl file location, and click OK.

    • Open the exported tcl file

  2. Go to the Platform Setup tab.

    • If the tab is not open, click menu Window -> Platform Setup to open it.

      NOTE: If you cannot find Platform Setup tab, make sure your design is a Vitis platform project. Open Settings in Project Manager, go to Project Settings -> General tab, and make sure Project is an extensible Vitis platform is enabled.

  3. Review the AXI port settings.

    • In axi_noc_ddr4, S01_AXI to S27_AXI are enabled. SP Tag is set to DDR.


      NOTE: Vitis emulation automation scripts require that AXI slave interfaces on Versal platforms to have SP Tag as either DDR or LPDDR.

    • In icn_ctrl_0 and icn_ctrl_1, M01_AXI to M15_AXI are enabled. In icn_ctrl, M03_AXI and M04_AXI are enabled. Memport is set to M_AXI_GP. SP Tag is empty. These ports provide the AXI master interfaces to control PL kernels. In the block diagram, icn_ctrl_0 and icn_ctrl_1 connects to an AXI Verification IP because the AXI SmartConnect IP requires a load. The AXI Verification IP is used here as a dummy.


      NOTE: SP Tag for AXI Master does not take effect.

  4. Review the clock settings.

    • In Clock tab, clk_out is the default clock. V++ linker will use this clock to connect the kernel if link configuration doesn’t specify any clocks.

    • The Proc Sys Reset property is set to the synchronous reset signal associated with each clock.


  5. Review the Interrupt tab.

    • In Interrupt tab, intr is enabled.