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Vitis Tutorials: Vitis Platform Creation

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Figure 2

The control path needs a DFX Decoupler IP. The DFX decoupler can turn off the channels during reconfiguration to prevent unexpected requests from the static region cause invalid status on AXI interface and prevent random toggles generated by RP reconfiguration cause unexpected side-effects in static region. XRT will turn on DFX decoupler before the reconfiguration process and turn off after the reconfiguration completes. It needs to work with the Register Slice inside Vitis Region to ensure shortest path across the boundary.

The SmartConnect in Vitis Region can export control interfaces for the platform. V++ linker would connect PL kernel control interface to the SmartConnect.

For the control AXI interface across the boundary, you need to set up the aperture property so that Vivado can lock the address space assignment.