Test2: Validate PDI on Hardware - 2024.1 English

Vitis Tutorials: Platform Creation (XD101)

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2024.1 English

As the hardware platform is created from part support example design, it’s recommended to test the device image (PDI) on hardware to make sure the device initialization configuration is set correctly as well. This is not a required step for platform creation, but it can reduce issues you find in the last platform validation stage.

Show Detailed Steps of how to download the PDI file
  • Connect hardware server in XSCT

    # If JTAG cable is connected locally
    # If JTAG cable is connected on another server, launch hw_server on that server then connect to that remote hardware server
    connect -url TCP:<SERVER NAME or IP>:3121
  • Download PDI in XSCT

    device program <PDI file>

PDI program should download without errors. If any error occurs in XSCT console, please check block design settings.

Here’s the sample prints on UART console of VCK190 board

Show Log
[10.387178]Xilinx Versal Platform Loader and Manager
[15.181959]Release 2020.2   Nov 30 2020  -  07:20:11
[19.889662]Platform Version: v1.0 PMC: v1.0, PS: v1.0
[24.684093]BOOTMODE: 0, MULTIBOOT: 0x0
[32.817343] 28.506881 ms for PrtnNum: 1, Size: 2224 Bytes
[37.939565]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x2
[41.975581] 0.531603 ms for PrtnNum: 2, Size: 48 Bytes
[46.307975]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x3
[153.848428] 104.031565 ms for PrtnNum: 3, Size: 57168 Bytes
[156.392071]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x4
[159.994956] 0.012506 ms for PrtnNum: 4, Size: 2512 Bytes
[165.110546]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x5
[168.715028] 0.014362 ms for PrtnNum: 5, Size: 3424 Bytes
[173.831756]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x6
[177.430206] 0.007693 ms for PrtnNum: 6, Size: 80 Bytes
[182.427400]+++++++Loading Image No: 0x2, Name: pl_cfi, Id: 0x18700000
[188.652918]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x7
[1564.072421] 1371.823162 ms for PrtnNum: 7, Size: 707472 Bytes
[1566.876806]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x8
[1956.351062] 385.792100 ms for PrtnNum: 8, Size: 365712 Bytes
[1959.102465]+++++++Loading Image No: 0x3, Name: fpd, Id: 0x0420C003
[1965.172668]-------Loading Prtn No: 0x9
[1969.287834] 0.436437 ms for PrtnNum: 9, Size: 992 Bytes
[1974.032078]***********Boot PDI Load: Done*************
[1979.057962]55080.597596 ms: ROM Time
[1982.528018]Total PLM Boot Time

If the PDI can’t load successfully, please check the CIPS configuration.