Modify the IP address in address editor (Optional) - 2024.1 English

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2024.1 English

Note: This step is not mandatory for platform creation. Please refer to it according to your requirement.

If users need to modify the IP address please go through following steps.

  1. Check the location address space of your IP

  2. Go to address editor by clicking Window-> Address editor to open it.

Next, we will use the example of modifying the interrupt controller IP address to illustrate how to modify the IP address in the address editor.

  • As the interrupt controller is connected with M_AXI_HPM0_LPD domain, we need check LPD domain supported address space. Please check the ZYNQMP Technical Reference Manual. You could find following address range. That means the IP connected to LPD domain could be placed in 0x8000_0000-0x9FFF_FFFF address space. But conflict is not allowed.

    Platform Setup - AXI Ports

  • Go to address editor, modify the interrupt controller IP base address according to your requirement.

    Platform Setup - AXI Ports

Note: The modified base address should be in the LPD address space and the high address should also be in the LPD address space.