set_package_pin_val - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835)

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2024.1 English

Set user columns on one or more package pins


set_package_pin_val [‑quiet] [‑verbose] <column> <value> <package_pins>...


Name Description
[-quiet] Ignore command errors
[-verbose] Suspend message limits during command execution
<column> User column name
<value> Value to set
<package_pins> Package pin names


XDC, PinPlanning


Create user-defined package pin attributes and assign values to specific pins on the package.

User-defined pin attributes can be defined in a CSV file and imported into an I/O Pin Planning project using read_csv, or can be edited in the project using this command.

Note: Use the set_property command to set tool-defined properties of a package pin.


<column> - (Required) Specify the user-defined column name. The column name is case-sensitive. If the column does not already exist, a new attribute is created for package pins. If the user-defined column name already exists, the specified value is assigned to the specified pins.

Note: Column refers to the display of the attribute in the Package Pins view in the tool GUI. The result of the command is an attribute on the specified package pins that can be exported with write_csv for instance.

<value> - (Required) Specify the value to assign to the specified column. You can repeat the set_package_pin_val command to assign different values to different pins in the same column.

<package_pins> - (Required) Specify the package pins to assign the value to. You can use the get_package_pins command to specify the package pins to set.

-quiet - (Optional) Execute the command quietly, returning no messages from the command. The command also returns TCL_OK regardless of any errors encountered during execution.
Note: Any errors encountered on the command-line, while launching the command, will be returned. Only errors occurring inside the command will be trapped.
-verbose - (Optional) Temporarily override any message limits and return all messages from this command.
Note: Message limits can be defined with the set_msg_config command.


The following example creates a new user-defined column in the Package Pins view, and assigns the value true to the specified pin:

set_package_pin_val -column track1 -value true -package_pins AK27

The following example creates a user-defined column called Test, then assigns the value RED to all "AK" package pins, then changes the value to GREEN for the three specified pins:

set_package_pin_val -column Test -value RED \
   -package_pins [get_package_pins AK*]
set_package_pin_val -column Test -value GREEN \
   -package_pins {AK1 AK2 AK3}