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Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835)

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2024.1 English

Issues an error that you can not run this command


launch_chipscope_analyzer [‑run <arg>] [‑csproject <arg>] [‑quiet]


Name Description
[-run] Implemented run to launch ChipScope Analyzer with
[-csproject] ChipScope project
[-quiet] Ignore command errors
[-verbose] Suspend message limits during command execution




Launches the ChipScope™ Pro Analyzer tool for the active run, or a specified Implemented Design run. You can setup a Netlist Design for use with ChipScope prior to implementation, using the create_debug_core, create_debug_port, and connect_debug_port commands.

The Implemented Design must also have a bitstream file generated by BitGen for launch_chipscope_analyzer to run. If BitGen has not been run, an error will be returned.

Note: It is not enough to use the write_bitstream command to create a bitstream file. You must follow the steps outlined below in the second example.


-run <arg> - The run name to use when launching the ChipScope Pro Analyzer. The specified run must be implemented and have a bitstream (.bit) file generated. ChipScope will use the bitstream file and the debug_nets.cdc file from the specified run.

-csproject <arg> - The name of the project to open in ChipScope Pro Analyzer. If you do not specify the project name, the default project name of csdefaultproj.cpj will be used. When you specify the project name, you should also specify the .cpj extension.

Note: The project is created in the project/ folder.
-quiet - (Optional) Execute the command quietly, returning no messages from the command. The command also returns TCL_OK regardless of any errors encountered during execution.
Note: Any errors encountered on the command-line, while launching the command, will be returned. Only errors occurring inside the command will be trapped.
-verbose - (Optional) Temporarily override any message limits and return all messages from this command.
Note: Message limits can be defined with the set_msg_config command.


The following example launches ChipScope Pro Analyzer, specifying the implementation run to use and the name of the ChipScope project to create:

launch_chipscope_analyzer -run impl_3 -csproject impl_3_cs_project

The following example sets the add_step Bitgen property for the impl_4 run, launches the impl_4 run, and then launches the ChipScope Pro Analyzer on the specified run:

set_property add_step Bitgen [get_runs impl_4]
launch_runs impl_4 -jobs 2
launch_chipscope_analyzer -run impl_4
Note: In this example the ChipScope project will be called csdefaultproj.cpj.