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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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3.5 English
model_type : YOLOv3
  yolo_v3_param {
    num_classes: 20
    anchorCnt: 3
    layer_name: "59"
    layer_name: "67"
    layer_name: "75"
    conf_threshold: 0.3
    nms_threshold: 0.45
    biases: 10
    biases: 13
    biases: 16
    biases: 30
    biases: 33
    biases: 23
    biases: 30
    biases: 61
    biases: 62
    biases: 45
    biases: 59
    biases: 119
    biases: 116
    biases: 90
    biases: 156
    biases: 198
    biases: 373
    biases: 326
    test_mAP: false

The parameters for the YOLOv3 model are listed in the following table. You can modify them as per your requirement.

Table 1. YOLOv3 Model Parameters
Parameter Type Description
num_classes The number of the detection categories for this model.
anchorCnt The number of anchors for this model.
layer_name The name of the output layer of the kernel. If your model has more than one output, use this parameter to ensure the required sequence. Ensure that the name is the same as the name in the kernel. (If you enter an invalid name, the model creator will use the kernel default order.)
conf_threshold The threshold of the boxes’ confidence, which can be modified to fit your practical application.
nms_threshold The threshold of NMS.
biases These parameters are the same as the model parameters. Write each bias in a separate line. (Biases amount) = anchorCnt * (output-node amount) * 2. Set correct lines in the prototxt.
test_mAP If your model was trained with letterbox and you want to test its mAP, set this as TRUE. By default, it is set to FALSE for faster execution.