Openpose Detection - 3.5 English

Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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3.5 English
The Openpose Detection library is used to detect the posture of the human body. The posture is represented by an array of 14 key points as shown below:
 0: head, 1: neck, 2: L_shoulder, 3:L_elbow, 4: L_wrist, 5: R_shoulder,
 6: R_elbow, 7: R_wrist, 8: L_hip, 9: L_knee, 10: L_ankle, 11: R_hip,
 12: R_knee, 13: R_ankle

The input of the network is 368x368. The following image shows the result of openpose detection.

Figure 1. Openpose Detection Example

The following table lists the Openpose detection models supported by the Vitis AI Library.

Table 1. Openpose Detection Models
No Model Name Framework
1 openpose_pruned_0_3 Caffe