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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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3.5 English
Base class for pointpating.

Input is points data and related params.

Output is a struct of detection results, named PointPaintingResult.

Sample code :

  std::string anno_file_name = "./";
  PointsInfo points_info;  
  std::vector<cv::Mat> images;
  read_inno_file_pointpainting(anno_file_name, points_info, 5, points_info.sweep_infos, 16, images); 
  std::string seg_model = "semanticfpn_nuimage_576_320_pt";
  std::string model_0 = "pointpainting_nuscenes_40000_64_0_pt";
  std::string model_1 = "pointpainting_nuscenes_40000_64_1_pt";
  auto pointpainting = vitis::ai::PointPainting::create(
       seg_model, model_0, model_1);
  auto ret = pointpainting->run(images, points_info);
please see the test sample for detail.

Quick Function Reference

The following table lists all the functions defined in the vitis::ai::PointPainting class:

Table 1. Quick Function Reference
Type Member Arguments
std::unique_ptr< PointPainting > create
  • const std::string & seg_model_name
  • const std::string & pp_model_name_0
  • const std::string & pp_model_name_1
int getInputWidth
  • void
int getInputHeight
  • void
size_t get_pointpillars_batch
  • void
size_t get_segmentation_batch
  • void
PointPaintingResult run
std::vector< PointPaintingResult > run
std::vector< cv::Mat > runSegmentation
  • std::vector< cv::Mat > batch_images
std::vector< float > fusion
vitis::ai::pointpillars_nus::PointsInfo runSegmentationFusion
PointPaintingResult runPointPillars
std::vector< PointPaintingResult > runPointPillars