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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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3.5 English
Base class for evaluating the quality and five key points coordinate of a face image (cv::Mat).

Input is a face image (cv::Mat).

Output is the quality and five key points coordinate of a face in the input image.

Sample code : Display of the FaceQuality5pt model results: width=\textwidth

cv:Mat image = cv::imread("sample_facequality5pt.jpg");
auto network =
      vitis::ai::FaceQuality5pt::create("face-quality", true);
auto result = network->run(image);
auto quality = result.score;
auto points = result.points;
for(int i = 0; i< 5 ; ++i){
    auto x = points[i].frist  * image.cols;
    auto y = points[j].second * image.rows;
Note: Default mode is day, if day night switch network is used and the background of the input image is night, please use API setMode
Figure 1. result image
result image

Quick Function Reference

The following table lists all the functions defined in the vitis::ai::FaceQuality5pt class:

Table 1. Quick Function Reference
Type Member Arguments
std::unique_ptr< FaceQuality5pt > create
  • const std::string & model_name
  • bool need_preprocess
int getInputWidth
  • void
int getInputHeight
  • void
size_t get_input_batch
  • void
Mode getMode
  • void
void setMode
FaceQuality5ptResult run
  • const cv::Mat & img
std::vector< FaceQuality5ptResult > run
  • const std::vector< cv::Mat > & images