DPLL Attributes

Versal Adaptive SoC Clocking Resources Architecture Manual (AM003)

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The following table lists the attributes for the DPLL primitive.

Table 1. DPLL Attributes
Attribute Type Allowed Values Default Description
CLKOUT[0:3]_DIVIDE Decimal 2 to 511 2 Specifies the amount to divide the associated CLKOUT clock output if a different frequency is desired. This number, in combination with the CLKFBOUT_MULT_F and DIVCLK_DIVIDE values, determines the output frequency.
CLKOUT[0:3]_PHASE Real –360.000 to 360.000 0.000 Specifies the output phase relationship of the associated CLKOUT clock output in number of degrees offset (that is, 90 indicates a 90° or ¼ cycle offset phase offset while 180 indicates a 180° offset or ½ cycle phase offset). In static phase shift mode, the minimum phase step resolution (degrees) = (360/CLKOUT[0:3]_DIVIDE)/8
CLKFBOUT_MULT Decimal 10 to 400 42 Specifies the amount to multiply all CLKOUT clock outputs if a different frequency is desired. This number, in combination with the associated CLKOUT#_DIVIDE value and DIVCLK_DIVIDE value, determines the output frequency.
CLKFBOUT_FRACT Decimal 0 to 63 0 6-bit fractional M feedback divider in increments of 1/63. Generates a fraction of the CLKFBOUT_MULT value and adds it to CLKFBOUT_MULT.
DIVCLK_DIVIDE Decimal 1 to 123 1 Specifies the division ratio for all output clocks with respect to the input clock. Effectively divides the CLKIN going into the PFD.
REF_JITTER Real 0.000 to 0.200 0.010 Allows specification of the expected jitter on the reference clock to better optimize DPLL performance. If known, the value provided should be specified in terms of the unit interval (UI) (the maximum peak-to-peak value) of the expected jitter on the input clock.
CLKIN_PERIOD Real 0.000 to 100.000 0.000

Specifies the input period in ns to the DPLL CLKIN1 input.

Resolution is down to the ps. This information is mandatory and must be supplied.

CLKOUTn_PHASE_CTRL[0:1] Binary 00 to 11 00

CLKOUT[0:3] counter variable fine phase shift or deskew select.

00: Interpolator is not controlled by either deskew or phase shift interface.

01: Interpolator is controlled by Deskew.

10: Interpolator is controlled by phase shift interface.

Other binary values are not valid.

DESKEW_DELAY Decimal 0 to 63 0 Value of the optional programmable delay in the deskew circuit.
DESKEW_DELAY_PATH String TRUE, FALSE FALSE Determines if the CLKIN_DESKEW path or the CLKFB_DESKEW path is selected for the optional programmable delay. TRUE = CLKFB_DESKEW, FALSE = CLKIN_DESKEW. If ZHOLD = TRUE, DESKEW_DELAY_PATH must be set to TRUE.
DESKEW_DELAY_EN String FALSE, TRUE FALSE Set to TRUE to enable the optional programmable delay in the deskew circuit. Must be set to TRUE if ZHOLD = TRUE.
ZHOLD String TRUE, FALSE FALSE Indicates the DPLL is configured to provide a negative hold time only at the HDIO registers.
LOCK_WAIT String FALSE, TRUE FALSE Wait during the configuration startup for the DPLL to lock.
PERF_MODE STRING LIMITED, FULL LIMITED Specifies DPLL performance mode. Must remain at the default setting (LIMITED) for non-deskew mode. The FULL mode is reserved for AMD IP use or clocking wizard implementation with digital deskew enabled for the Vivado 2022.1 tools. In the Vivado 2022.2 tools and after, it will be for with and without digital deskew.