PCIe MISC Tab - 4.0 English

QDMA Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG302)

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4.0 English

The PCIe Miscellaneous Tab is shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. PCIe MISC Tab
MSI-X Capabilities
MSI-X is enabled by default.
The MSI-X settings for different physical functions can be set as required.
MSI-X Table Settings
Defines the MSI-X Table Structure.
Table Size
Specifies the MSI-X Table size. The default is 8 (8 interrupt vectors per function).
Extended Tag Field
By default for UltraScale+™ devices the Extended Tab option gives 256 tags. If Extended Tag option is not selected, the DMA uses 32 tags.
Configuration Extended Interface
The PCIe extended interface can be selected for more configuration space. When Configuration Extended Interface is selected user is responsible for adding logic to extend the interface to make it work properly.
Access Control Server (ACS) Enable
ACS is selected by default.
Configuration Management Interface
This interface is used to read and write to the configuration space registers.
Link Status Register
By default, Enable Slot Clock Configuration is selected. This means that the slot configuration bit is enabled in the link status register.