C2H MM Engine - 4.0 English

QDMA Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG302)

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4.0 English

The C2H MM Engine moves data from card memory to host memory through the C2H AXI-MM interface. The engine generates AXI reads on the C2H AXI-MM bus, splitting descriptors into multiple requests based on 4 KB boundaries. Once completion data for the read request is received on the AXI4 interface, a PCIe write is generated using the data from the AXI read as the contents of the write. For source and destination addresses that are not aligned, the hardware will shift the data and split writes on PCIe to obey Maximum Payload Size (MPS) and prevent 4 KB boundary crossings. Each completed descriptor is checked to determine whether a writeback and/or interrupt is required.

For Internal mode, the descriptor engine delivers memory mapped descriptors straight to the C2H MM engine. As with H2C MM Engine, the user logic can also inject the descriptor into the C2H descriptor bypass interface to move data from card to host memory.

For multi-function configuration support, the PCIe function number information will be provided in the aruser bits of the AXI-MM interface bus to help virtualization of card memory by the user logic. A parity bus, separate from the data and user bus, is also provided for end-to-end parity support.