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QDMA Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG302)

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4.0 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
05/20/2022 Version 4.0
Slave Bridge Updated BDF table.
AXI4-Lite Master Ports Updated Config AXI4-Lite Memory Mapped Read Master Interface Port Descriptions table.
AXI4-Stream C2H Ports Updated AXI4-Stream C2H Port Descriptions table.
Tandem Configuration Updated for new device support.
Dynamic Function eXchange over PCIe Added new section.
Debug Guide Added new section.
01/05/2022 Version 4.0
General updates Updated PDF keywords.
12/17/2021 Version 4.0
QDMA Global Ports Added csr_prog_done.
Queue Status Ports Updated marker_cookie port.
04/15/2021 Version 4.0
Slave Bridge Added more details regarding BDF tables and address translation, with examples provided.
Tandem Configuration, and Basic Tab Added information about for Dynamic Function eXchange (DFX) over PCIe support.
07/01/2020 Version 4.0
C2H Stream Packet Type Updated Marker response for QDMA 4.0 (from Queues Status ports rather than descriptor bypass out ports).
Host Profile Added a new Host Profile Context table that needs to be programmed.
Register Space Updated the register CSV files.

Updated the register address.

Added tip to expose all debug registers.

06/10/2020 Version 4.0
Register Space Reorganized section. Some register were updated.
QDMA_CSR (0x0000) and Bridge Register Space Moved register descriptions to CSV file external to product guide.
Descriptor Context and Completion Context Structure Updated some context tables.
Context Programming Added a new Host Profile Context table that needs to be programmed.
Port Descriptions Removed ports, and added new ports.
Customizing and Generating the Subsystem Updated options and descriptions for Vivado 2020.1.
PCIe BARs Tab Increased QDMA bar size to 256Kbytes in PFs, and 32Kbytes in VFs.
Debug and Additional Options Tab Added.
Upgrading Added reference to AR for changes between core versions.
11/22/2019 Version 3.0
RTL Version Register (0x22414) Added PF RTL version register in the doc
RTL Version Register (0x5014) Added VF RTL version register in the doc
AXI4-Stream Status Ports Added the axis_c2h_status_error port. This port will be available starting in a 2019.2 patch release.
QDMA C2H Descriptor Bypass Output Marker Response Descriptions table Added C2H Stream marker_cookie field for marker response. This feature will be available starting in a 2019.2 patch release.
QDNA_GLBL2_MISC_CAP (0x134) Updated available bits and descriptions.
VDM Added information regarding back-to-back VDM access not being supported.
05/22/2019 Version 3.0
Performance and Resource Utilization Added performance details, and Performance Report answer record.
Minimum Device Requirements Enabled Gen4 devices for QDMA.
User Parameters Added link to AR for additional core customization options.
Capabilities Tab Mailbox can be selected independently of SR-IOV selection.
AXI Stream Loopback Example Design New example design added.
12/05/2018 Version 3.0
IP Facts and Using the Drivers Added Windows driver support.
Register Space Added registers, and updated registers.
PCIe MISC Tab and PCIe DMA Tab Updated for the 2018.3 release.
Example Design Added two example designs, and updated registers.
Upgrading Added reference to AR for changes between core versions.
09/04/2018 Version 2.0
Port Descriptions For tm_dsc_sts_rdy (VDM Ports) and st_rx_msg_rdy (QDMA Traffic Manager Credit Output Ports), emphasized that when this interface is not used, Ready must be tied-off to 1.
Register Space Added a register to stall read requests from H2C Stream Engine if the amount of outstanding data exceeds a programmed threshold.
Added a new C2H Completion interrupt trigger mode that includes user trigger, timer expiration, or count exceeding the threshold
06/22/2018 Version 2.0
Overview chapter

Updated content throughout.

Port Descriptions section Changed some table content, and some reorganization of the content.
Register Space section Added Memory Map Register Space and AXI4-Lite Slave Register Space section.
Context Structure Definition section, and Queue Entry Structure section Removed these sections, and moved content into the QDMA Operations section in the Overview chapter.
Design Flow Steps chapter Updated descriptions for Basic Tab, Capabilities Tab, PCIe BARs Tab, PCIe Misc Tab, and PCIe DMA Tab.
Example Design chapter Added two new example designs, and added example design registers.
04/17/2018 Version 1.0
Initial Xilinx release.