AXI4-Stream Status Ports - 4.0 English

QDMA Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG302)

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4.0 English
Table 1. AXI-ST C2H Status Port Descriptions
Port Name I/O Description
axis_c2h_status_valid O Valid per descriptor.
axis_c2h_status_qid [10:0] O QID of the packet.
axis_c2h_status_drop O The QDMA Subsystem for PCIe drops the packet if it does not have enough descriptors to transfer the full packet to the host. This bit indicates if the packet was dropped or not. A packet that is not dropped is considered as having been accepted.

0: Packet is not dropped.

1: Packet is dropped.

axis_c2h_status_last O Last descriptor.
axis_c2h_status_cmp O

0: Dropped packet or C2H packet with has_cmpt of 1'b0.

1: C2H packet that has completions.

axis_c2h_status_error O When axis_c2h_status_error is set to 1, the descriptor fetched has an error. When set to 0, there is no error.