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QDMA Subsystem for PCI Express Product Guide (PG302)

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The Queue-based Direct Memory Access (QDMA) subsystem is a PCI Express® ( PCIe® ) based DMA engine that is optimized for both high bandwidth and high packet count data transfers. The QDMA is composed of the UltraScale+™ Integrated Block for PCI Express, and an extensive DMA and bridge infrastructure that enables the ultimate in performance and flexibility.

The QDMA Subsystem for PCIe offers a wide range of setup and use options, many selectable on a per-queue basis, such as memory-mapped DMA or stream DMA, interrupt mode and polling. The subsystem provides many options for customizing the descriptor and DMA through user logic to provide complex traffic management capabilities.

The primary mechanism to transfer data using the QDMA is for the QDMA engine to operate on instructions (descriptors) provided by the host operating system. Using the descriptors, the QDMA can move data in both the Host to Card (H2C) direction, or the Card to Host (C2H) direction. You can select on a per-queue basis whether DMA traffic goes to an AXI4 memory map (MM) interface or to an AXI4-Stream interface. In addition, the QDMA has the option to implement both an AXI4 MM Master port and an AXI4 MM Slave port, allowing PCIe traffic to bypass the DMA engine completely.

The main difference between QDMA and other DMA offerings is the concept of queues. The idea of queues is derived from the “queue set” concepts of Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) from high performance computing (HPC) interconnects. These queues can be individually configured by interface type, and they function in many different modes. Based on how the DMA descriptors are loaded for a single queue, each queue provides a very low overhead option for setup and continuous update functionality. By assigning queues as resources to multiple PCIe Physical Functions (PFs) and Virtual Functions (VFs), a single QDMA core and PCI Express interface can be used across a wide variety of multifunction and virtualized application spaces.

The QDMA Subsystem for PCIe can be used and exercised with a Xilinx® provided QDMA reference driver, and then built out to meet a variety of application spaces.