PS I2C Controller Interface

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC Data Sheet: DC and AC Switching Characteristics (DS926)

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Table 1. I2C Interface
Symbol Description 1 Min Max Units
I2C Fast-mode Interface
TI2CFCKL SCL Low time 1.3 µs
TI2CFCKH SCL High time 0.6 µs
TI2CFCKO SDA clock to out delay 900 ns
TI2CFDCK SDA input setup time 100 ns
FI2CFCLK SCL clock frequency 400 KHz
I2C Standard-mode Interface
TI2CSCKL SCL Low time 4.7 µs
TI2CSCKH SCL High time 4.0 µs
TI2CSCKO SDA clock to out delay 3450 ns
TI2CSDCK SDA input setup time 250 ns
FI2CSCLK SCL clock frequency 100 KHz
  1. The test conditions are configured to the LVCMOS 3.3V I/O standard with a 12 mA drive strength, fast slew rate, and a 15 pF load.