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Versal ACAP GTM Transceivers Architecture Manual (AM017)

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Reading loop values from digital monitor requires a clock on port CH[1/2/3/4]_DMONITORCLK along with setting attributes TESTCON, COE_EN, SELMINI, TESTEN, and TESTC. In GTM transceivers, each adaptation loop can be monitored in parallel through dedicated read-only registers.

For example, to read the values for adaptation loops KH, KL, and AGC for channel 0, set the following attributes:

  • 0x0C65[20:17] = 4'b0000
  • 0x0C65[16] = 1'b1
  • 0x0C95[28] = 1'b0
  • 0x0C98[17] = 1'b1
  • 0x0C98[16:15] = 2'b00
Use the following read-only registers to monitor KH, KL, and AGC for channel 0:
  • 0x0899[15:8]
  • 0x0899[7:0]
  • 0x089A[15:8]
  • 0x089A[7:0]
  • 0x089B[15:8]
  • 0x089B[7:0]