Ports and Attributes

Versal ACAP GTM Transceivers Architecture Manual (AM017)

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The following table shows the RX interface ports.

Table 1. RX Interface Ports
Port Direction Clock Domain Description
CH[0/1/2/3]_RXDATA[255:0] Output RXUSRCLK The bus for receiving data.
CH[0/1/2/3]_RXUSRCLK Input CLOCK This port is used to provide a clock for the internal RX PCS datapath.

The following table shows the RX interface attributes.

Table 2. RX Interface Attributes
RX Interface Attributes
Attribute Address
CH0_RX_PCS_CFG0 0x0C14
CH1_RX_PCS_CFG0 0x0D14
CH2_RX_PCS_CFG0 0x0E14
CH3_RX_PCS_CFG0 0x0F14
Label Bit Field Description

Clock selection for data usage at fabric interface.

2'b00: USRCLK for single channel data fabric interface usage (full density)

2'b01: Adjacent channel user clock for dual channel data fabric interface usage (half density)

2'b10: Reserved.

2'b11 Reserved.


Controls the width of the RX internal PCS datapath.

0: 80-bit internal datapath width (NRZ)

1: 160-bit internal datapath width (PAM4)


Controls the RX interface width.

4'b0100: 32-bit

4'b0101: 40-bit

4'b0110: 64-bit

4'b0111: 80-bit

4'b1000: 128-bit

4'b1001: 160-bit

4'b1010: 256-bit

4'b1011: 320-bit

4'b1100: 512-bit