Transceiver TX Reset in Response to Completion of Configuration

Versal ACAP GTM Transceivers Architecture Manual (AM017)

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The TX reset sequence shown in TX Initialization and Reset is not automatically started to follow global GSR. It must meet these conditions:

  1. TXRESETMODE must be set to sequential mode.
  2. GTTXRESET must be used.
  3. All TXPMARESETMASK, and TXPCSRESETMASK bits should be set to High.
  4. GTTXRESET cannot be driven Low until the associated PLL and ILO are locked.
  5. Ensure that GTPOWERGOOD is High before releasing LCPLLRESET, ILORESET, and GTTXRESET.

If the reset mode is defaulted to single mode, then you must:

  1. Wait another 300–500 ns.
  2. Assert LCPLLRESET, ILORESET, and GTTXRESET following the reset sequence described in the following figure.

Alternatively, the master reset controller can be used to drive the PLL and TX reset in sequence automatically. Details can be found in Transceiver Master Reset.

Figure 1. Transmitter Initialization after Configuration