Package and Pinout Overview

Versal Adaptive SoC Packaging and Pinouts Architecture Manual (AM013)

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This section describes the packages and pinouts for various organic flip-chip 0.80 mm, 0.92 mm, and 1.00 mm pitch BGA packages.

Important: All standard packages are lead-free (signified by an additional V in the package name). All devices supported in a particular package are footprint compatible. Each device is split into I/O banks to allow for flexibility in the choice of I/O standards. See the Versal Adaptive SoC SelectIO Resources Architecture Manual (AM010).

The flip-chip assembly materials for the Versal devices are manufactured using ultra-low alpha (ULA) materials defined as <0.002 cph/cm2 or materials that emit less than 0.002 alpha-particles per square centimeter per hour.

Important: All packages are available with eutectic-SnPb BGA balls. To order these packages, the device type starts with an XQ vs. XC or XA, and the Pb-free signifier in the package name is Q.