Heat Sink Attachment Process Considerations

Versal Adaptive SoC Packaging and Pinouts Architecture Manual (AM013)

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After the component is placed onto the PCBs, when attaching a heat sink to the bare-die package, the factors in the following table must be carefully considered (as shown in the following figure).

Table 1. Heat Sink Attachment Considerations
Consideration(s) Effect(s) Recommendation(s)
In a heat sink attach process, what factors can cause damage to the exposed die and passive capacitors?
  • Uneven heat sink placement
  • Uneven TIM thickness
  • Uneven force applied when placing heat sink placement
  • Even heat sink placement
  • Even TIM thickness
  • Even force applied when placing heat sink placement
Does the heat sink tilt or tip the post attachment?
  • Uneven heat sink placement will damage the silicon and can cause field failures
  • Careful handling not to contact the heat sink with the post attachment
  • Use a fixture to hold the heat sink in place with post attachment until it is glued to the silicon
Figure 1. Recommended Application of Heat Sink