Thermal Specifications

Versal Adaptive SoC Packaging and Pinouts Architecture Manual (AM013)

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AMD Versal™ devices are offered exclusively in thermally efficient flip-chip BGA packages. These flip-chip packages range in pin-count from the smaller 19 × 19 mm SBVA484 to the 77.5 × 77.5 mm VSVA6865. This suite of packages is used to address the various power requirements of the Versal devices. Versal devices are implemented in the 7 nm process technology. Unlike features in an ASIC, the combination of Versal device features used in a user application is not known to the component supplier. Therefore, it remains a challenge for AMD to predict the power requirements of a given Versal device when it leaves the factory. Accurate estimates are obtained when the board design takes shape. For this purpose, AMD offers and supports a suite of integrated device power analysis tools to help users quickly and accurately estimate their design power requirements. Versal devices are supported similarly to previous products. The uncertainty of design power requirements makes it difficult to apply canned thermal solutions to fit all users. Therefore, AMD devices do not come with preset thermal solutions. The operating conditions of your design dictate the appropriate solution.