The Synthesis Scripts - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG947)

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2024.1 English

The files run_synth.tcl, design_settings.tcl and advanced_settings.tcl are located at the root level. The run_synth.tcl script contains the minimum required settings to run the synthesis portion of this Dynamic Function eXchange design. The design_settings.tcl script selects the target device and board and sets relative paths for the project. The advanced_settings.tcl contains default flow settings and should only be modified by experienced users.

In run_synth.tcl for this specific lab, under flow control, you can control which modules are synthesized. In the tutorial, as the name implies, only synthesis is run by this script; implementation, verification, and bitstream generation are run interactively. The full DFX scripts from Labs 1 and 2 are not currently set up to run Nested DFX

In design_settings.tcl, under Define target demo board, you can select one of four demonstration boards supported for this design. The script is delivered targeting the VCU118, so if you wish to target a different board, make the edit here. This lab currently targets the following AMD development platforms:
  • KCU116 (AMD Kintex™ UltraScale+™ )
  • VCU118 (AMD Virtex™ UltraScale+™ )
  • KCU105 (Kintex UltraScale)
  • VCU108 (Virtex UltraScale)