Step 6: Confirm Apertures for All Reconfigurable Modules - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG947)

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2024.1 English

Ensure that each RM has the appropriate aperture for its AXI slave interface, aligned to the instance in the top level. This is automatically done but can be manually set if desired.

  1. In the top-level block design, double click on the rp1 block design container. Switch to the Addressing tab and click the Show Detailed View checkbox.

    You can see that the overall aperture for rp1 for the S00_INI port starts at address 0x201_8000_0000 and has an overall range of 128K. This is automatically calculated by collecting address information from each design source in the block design container and summarizing each module’s requirements.

    If the aperture must be expanded to include new Reconfigurable Modules that have not been created yet, toggle the Mode from Auto to Manual and edit the master Offset or Range.
    Note: Adjustments to these values for individual block designs must be done at the
  2. Click OK to return to the top-level block design.
  3. Validate and save