Configuring the Device with a Full Image - 2024.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Dynamic Function eXchange (UG947)

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2024.1 English
  1. Connect the board to your computer using the Platform Cable USB and power on the board.
  2. From the main Vivado IDE, select Flow > Open Hardware Manager.
  3. Select Open target on the green banner. Follow the steps in the wizard to establish communication with the board.
  4. Right-click the Xilinx device (e.g., xcku040_0) and select Program Device.
  5. Navigate to the Bitstreams folder to select top_shift_right_right.bit, then click Program to program the device.

You should now see the bank of GPIO LEDs performing two identical tasks: two sets of four LEDs are shifting to the right. Note the amount of time it took to configure the full device.

The currently operating device contains top (static), first-order RM reconfig_shifters, and second-order RMs shift_right (upper) and shift_right (lower).