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Vivado Design Suite Reference Guide: Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator (UG958)

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2020.2 English

The xlgetparams command is used to get all parameter values in a System Generator token associated with the current compilation type. The xlgetparams command can be used in conjunction with the xlgetparam and xlsetparam commands to change or retrieve a System Generator token's parameters.


paramstruct = xlgetparams(sysgenblock_handle); 

To get the sysgenblock_handle, enter gbc or gcbh at the MATLAB command line.

paramstruct = xlgetparams('chip/ System Generator'); 
paramstruct = xlgetparams(gcb); 
paramstruct = xlgetparams(gcbh); 


All the parameters available to a System Generator block can be retrieved using the xletparams command. For more information regarding the parameters, please refer to the System Generator token documentation.

paramstruct = xlgetparams(sysgenblock); 

The first input argument of xlgetparams should be a handle to the System Generator token. The function returns a MATLAB structure that lists the parameter value pairs.

The compilation_lut parameter is another structure that lists the other compilation types that are stored in this System Generator token. Using xlsetparam to set the compilation type allows the parameters associated with that compilation type to be visible to either xlgetparams or xlgetparam.