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Vivado Design Suite Reference Guide: Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator (UG958)

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2020.2 English

This block is listed in the following Xilinx® Blockset libraries: Tools, and Index.

The Xilinx Toolbar block provides quick access to several useful utilities in System Generator. The Toolbar simplifies the use of the zoom feature in Simulink® and adds new auto layout and route capabilities to Simulink® models.

The Toolbar also houses several productivity improvement tools described below.

Block Interface

Double clicking on the Xilinx Toolbar block launches the GUI shown below.

Figure 1. Toolbar GUI

The Toolbar can also be launched from the command line using xlITBUtiles, a collection of functions used by the Toolbar.


Only one Toolbar GUI can be opened at a time, that is, the Toolbar GUI is a singleton. Regardless of where a Toolbar block is placed, the Toolbar will always perform actions on the current Simulink model in focus. In other words, if the Toolbar is invoked from model A, it can still be used on model B so long as model B is in focus.

Toolbar Buttons
Toolbar Buttons Descriptions

Undo: Cancels the most recent change applied to the model layout by the Toolbar and reverts the layout state to the one prior to this change. Can undo up to three changes.

Reroute: Reroutes lines to enhance model readability.

If lines are selected, only those lines are rerouted. Otherwise all lines in the model are rerouted.


Auto Layout: Relocates blocks and reroutes lines to enhance model readability.

Add Terms: Calls on the xlAddTerms function to add sources and sinks to the current model in focus. System Generator blocks are sourced with a System Generator constant block, while Simulink blocks are sourced with a Simulink constant block. Terminators are used as sinks.

Help: Opens this document.

Zoom: Allows you to get either a closer view of a portion of the Simulink model or a wider view of the model depending on the position of the slider or the value of the zoom factor. You can either position the slider or edit the Zoom Factor. The Zoom Factor is limited to be between 5 and 1000.

Toolbar Menus

Toolbar Buttons Descriptions
Create Plugins Launches the System Generator Board Description Builder tool.
Inspect Selected Opens up the Simulink® Inspector with the properties of the blocks that are currently selected. This is useful when trying to set the size of several blocks, or the horizontal position of blocks drawn on a model.
Toolbar Properties

Launches the Properties Dialog Box shown in the figure below. Allows you to set parameters for the Auto Layout and Reroute tool. X and Y pitch indicate distances (in pixels) between blocks placed next to each other in the X and Y directions respectively.

The toolbar uses the Simulink autorouter when Use simulink autorouter is checked. Otherwise, a direct line is drawn from source to destination.


Help Opens this document.
Note: This block is to be deprecated and will not be available in the library from the 2020.2 release.


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2) The Reroute and Auto Layout buttons invoke an open source package called Graphviz. More information on this package is also available at