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Vivado Design Suite Reference Guide: Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator (UG958)

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2020.2 English

This block is listed in the following Xilinx® Blockset libraries: DSP, Tools, and Index.

The Xilinx FDATool block provides an interface to the FDATool software available as part of the MATLAB® Signal Processing Toolbox.

The block does not function properly and should not be used if the Signal Processing Toolbox is not installed. This block provides a means of defining an FDATool object and storing it as part of a System Generator model. FDATool provides a powerful means for defining digital filters with a graphical user interface.

Example of Use

Copy an FDATool block into a Subsystem where you would like to define a filter. Double-clicking the block icon opens up an FDATool session and graphical user interface. The filter is stored in an data structure internal to the FDATool interface block, and the coefficients can be extracted using MATLAB® helper functions provided as part of System Generator. The function call xlfda_numerator('FDATool') returns the numerator of the transfer function (e.g., the impulse response of a finite impulse response filter) of the FDATool block named 'FDATool'. Similarly, the helper function xlfda_denominator('FDATool') retrieves the denominator for a non-FIR filter.

A typical use of the FDATool block is as a companion to an FIR filter block, where the Coefficients field of the filter block is set to xlfda_numerator('FDATool'). An example is shown in the following diagram:

Figure 1. FDATool Example

Note that xlfda_numerator() can equally well be used to initialize a memory block or a 'coefficient' variable for a masked Subsystem containing an FIR filter.

This block does not use any hardware resources.

FDA Tool Interface

Double-clicking the icon in your Simulink model opens up an FDATool session and its graphical user interface. Upon closing the FDATool session, the underlying FDATool object is stored in the UserData parameter of the Xilinx FDATool block. Use the xlfda_numerator() helper function and get_param() to extract information from the object as desired.