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Vivado Design Suite Reference Guide: Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator (UG958)

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2020.2 English

This block is listed in the following Xilinx® Blockset libraries: Control Logic, Data Types, Math, and Index.

The Xilinx Shift block performs a left or right shift on the input signal. The result will have the same fixed-point container as that of the input.

Block Parameters

Parameters specific to the Shift block are:

  • Shift direction: specifies a direction, Left or Right. The Right shift moves the input toward the least significant bit within its container, with appropriate sign extension. Bits shifted out of the container are discarded. The Left shift moves the input toward the most significant bit within its container with zero padding of the least significant bits. Bits shifted out of the container are discarded.
  • Number of bits: specifies how many bits are shifted. If the number is negative, direction selected with Shift direction is reversed.

Other parameters used by this block are explained in the topic Common Options in Block Parameter Dialog Boxes.

Xilinx LogiCORE

The Shift block does not use a Xilinx LogiCORE™ ™.