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Vivado Design Suite Reference Guide: Model-Based DSP Design Using System Generator (UG958)

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2020.2 English

The xlGetReOrderedCoeff function provides the re-ordered coefficient set of a FIR Compiler block.


A = xlGetReOrderedCoeff(new_coeff_set, returnType, block_handle)


Note: All three parameters of this function are required.


The new coefficient set that needs to be loaded into an existing FIR Compiler. Must be supplied to the function in the original order.


This is the FIR Compiler block handle in the design. If a FIR Compiler block is selected, then this block_handle can be specified as gcbh.


This parameter specifies the re-ordered coefficient or just the reload order information format. This value can be specified as either 'coeff' or 'index'. A 'coeff' return type will modify the required coefficient set and provide the re-arranged coefficient set that can be directly supplied to the FIR compiler block. The 'index' return type provides only the coefficient address vector using the new_coeff_set that needs to be processed manually.


Example 1:

If A is a row vector of coefficients, then the coefficients sorted in the reload order can be obtained as follows:

reload_order_coefficients = xlGetReOrderedCoeff(A,'coeff', gcbh)

In this example, reload_order_coefficients specifies the order in which coefficients contained in A should be passed to the FIR Compiler through the reload channel.

Example 2:

This example shows how to use an input text file is generated.

reload_order_coefficients = xlGetReOrderedCoeff(A,'coeff',reload_<version>.txt)

Alternatively, the reload address vector can be obtained,

reload_order_coefficients = A(xlGetReOrderedCoeff(A,'index',gcbh))

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