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HDMI 2.1 Transmitter Subsystem v1.2 Product Guide (PG350)

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1.2 English

The following figure shows the hardware setup for the AXI4-Stream video Interface. An HDMI source connects to HDMI PHY Controller /HDMI GT Subsystem, which converts the HDMI Video into LINK DATA and sends to the HDMI RX Subsystem. Then, the HDMI RX Subsystem translates the LINK DATA into AXI4-Stream Video and sends to the Test Pattern Generator. By setting the Test Pattern Generator to pass-through mode, the AXI4-Stream Video from the HDMI RX Subsystem is passed to the HDMI TX Subsystem where it gets translated to LINK DATA again and sends back to the HDMI PHY Controller/HDMI GT Subsystem. The /HDMI GT Subsystem/HDMI PHY Controller /HDMI GT Subsystem then converts it back to HDMI Video and sends to the HDMI Sink.

The Test Pattern Generator can also be configured to generate certain video pattern in the AXI4-Stream video format, which can be used to test the HDMI 2.1 TX Subsystem alone instead of relying on the video received from the RX Subsystem.

Figure 1. Test Setup for AXI4-Stream Video Interface

For HDMI PHY Controller/HDMI GT Subsystem settings and PLL selections, see the HDMI PHY Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG333) / HDMI GT Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG334) .

The following tables show the video resolutions that were tested as part of the release for different video formats.