Common Interface Signals - 2.5 English

Video Frame Buffer Read and Video Frame Buffer Write LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG278)

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2.5 English

The following table summarizes the signals, which are either shared by, or not part of the dedicated AXI4-Stream, memory mapped AXI4 data, or AXI4-Lite control interfaces.

Table 1. Common Interface Signals
Signal Name I/O Width Description
ap_clk I 1 Video core clock
ap_rst_n I 1 Video core active-Low clock enable
interrupt O 1 Interrupt Request Pin
field_id O (Frame Buffer Read) 1 Field polarity (only available when interlaced support is selected)
I (Frame Buffer Write)

The ap_clk and ap_rst_n signals are shared between the core, the AXI4-Stream, memory mapped AXI4 data interface, and the AXI4-Lite control interface.