v2.0 (Rev. 2) - 2.5 English

Video Frame Buffer Read and Video Frame Buffer Write LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG278)

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2.5 English
  • In v2.0 (Rev. 2) (04/04/2018), there are APIs for both ap_done interrupts and ap_ready interrupts. The API function calls for the interrupt enable and disable have changed. An additional argument is needed to define a mask for which interrupt to enable/disable. The SetCallback function also has an additional argument to specify the interrupt source.
  • In v2.0 (Rev. 2) (04/04/2018), the AXI Memory Mapped interface always operates in conservative mode. The HLS AXI master interface always checks the data buffer on the W channel before it issues a write request. Only when the buffer has more than burst length data is AWVALID asserted. This can help solve deadlock in some systems but usually, the write latency will increase.
  • In v2.0 (Rev. 2) (04/04/2018), pending AXI transactions can be flushed before reset.