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Video Frame Buffer Read and Video Frame Buffer Write LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG278)

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2.5 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
11/19/2023 Version 2.5
Entire Document Added Y_U_V8_420 and Y_U_V8 video formats where applicable
04/12/2023 Version 2.4
IP Facts Updated the PRU links.
05/11/2022 Version 2.4
Product Specification Added Y_U_V10.
User Parameters Updated the table.
Upgrading in the Vivado Design Suite Updated the section.
10/27/2021 Version 2.3
  • Added support for 16K resolution and 3 Planar video format
  • Updated enhancement for field ID signal
Example Design Added support for AMD Versalâ„¢ example design.
02/04/2021 Version 2.2
Vitis Software Platform Workflow Updated for v2.2.
07/08/2020 Version 2.1
  • Updated AXI-Stream Video Interface section in Chapter 2.
  • Updated Control (0x0000) Register in Chapter 2.
  • Updated Stride (0x0020) Register in Chapter 2.
  • Updated Plane1 Buffer (0x0030) and Plane 2 Buffer (0x003C) Registers in Chapter 2.
  • Updated Samples Per Clock description in Chapter 4.
12/19/2019 Version 2.1
Design Flow Steps Vitis flow updated.
11/14/2018 Version 2.1
Features Added support for 8K30.
fid error Updated the UG934 link.
Memory Mapped AXI4 Interface Added Table 2.
Table 2 Updated UG934 link in Note.
N/A Fixed AR 68764 link.
04/04/2018 Version 2.0
  • Added support for interlaced video
  • Added BGR8 video format
  • Added support for ZCU102, ZCU104, and ZCU106 boards in the example design.
10/04/2017 Version 2.0
N/A Added new video formats, added second buffer for semi-planar formats, added support for 64-bit addressing on memory interfaces.
04/05/2017 Version 1.0
N/A Initial AMD release.