INT8 Integer Multiplication

Versal ACAP DSP Engine Architecture Manual (AM004)

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1.2.1 English

As noted in Dot Product Unit, u and v are the only intermediate results that go through the X and Y multiplexers to the ALU to generate output at P. The DSP58 is designed to do one multiplication and addition operation with up to 27 × 24 bit multiplication and up to 58-bit accumulation. The int9 × int8 operation in DSP58 is a new feature that allows six independent inputs to generate three partial products. In addition, port A can hold up to three unsigned 8-bit values by setting the sign bits to 0 to indicate non-negative values. The sign bits are A[8], A[17], and A[26].

Coding examples will be available in Language Templates from the Vivado® Integrated Design Environment (IDE) in a subsequent release.