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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2020.2 English
Important: This option cannot be used with embedded processor platforms.

The m2mtest command performs throughput data transfer tests between two device memory banks on a specified card. Note, only platforms supporting M2M feature, see Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card Platforms User Guide (UG1120), can run this command. In addition, it is necessary to download an xclbin on the card which uses at least two memory banks prior to running m2mtest, else running this command returns an error. The m2mtest command only performs throughput tests on those memory banks accessed by the xclbin downloaded to the card.

It has the following command line format:

xbutil m2mtest [-d card]

The following table lists the available option.

Table 1. xbutil m2mtest Command Option
Option Description Required
-d <card> Specifies the target card. <card> can be specified as either the card_id or Bus:Device:Function (BDF). Defaults to card_id = 0 if not specified.
Note: Use the xbutil scan command to display both the card_id and BDF for installed cards.

An example of the command output with an xclbin using DDR banks 0, 1, 2, and 3 is shown below:

INFO: Found total 2 card(s), 2 are usable
bank0 -> bank1 M2M bandwidth: 12050.5 MB/s 
bank0 -> bank2 M2M bandwidth: 12074.3 MB/s 
bank0 -> bank3 M2M bandwidth: 12082.9 MB/s 
bank1 -> bank2 M2M bandwidth: 12061.8 MB/s 
bank1 -> bank3 M2M bandwidth: 12105.2 MB/s 
bank2 -> bank3 M2M bandwidth: 12065.8 MB/s 
INFO: xbutil m2mtest succeeded.

If no xclbin has been loaded, the following error message will be displayed:

'uuid' invalid, please re-program xclbin.

If the command is run on platforms not supporting M2M feature, the following error will be displayed:

M2M is not available. Skipping validation
ERROR: xbutil m2mtest failed.