Import Projects from Git - 2020.2 English

Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2020.2 English
  1. From the Import Projects wizard, select the Import projects from Git option, and select Next to proceed.

    This opens the Select Repository Source page. There are two types of repositories you can select:

    Existing local repository
    Selects an existing Git repository that has already been cloned locally. When you select this option, the Select a Git Repository page displays the list of currently cloned local repositories found by the Vitis IDE. Click Next to continue.
    Tip: You can create a local Git repository by cloning the URL as described below, or by using the git clone <url> command from the Linux shell.
    Clone URL
    Lets you specify a Git URL to clone to the specified location. When you select this option the Source Git Repository page of the Import Projects wizard is displayed as shown below.

    1. On the Source Git Repository page, specify the following and click Next to continue:
      Specify the URL for the repository. The host and repository path are extracted from the provided URL. Some URLs that might be of interest include:
      Specifies the connection protocol used to connect. Use these fields to customize the connection if necessary.
      Specifies the User ID and Password to access the repository if one is required.
    2. In the Branch Selection page, you can select one or more branches to clone. Click Next to proceed.
    3. In the Local Destination page, specify the Destination Directory where the repository will be cloned. Click Next to proceed.
  2. After opening the local repository or cloning the URL to create a new local repository, the Select a wizard to import projects page of the Import Project wizard is given. As shown below, this page lets you import an Eclipse project, import a project using the New Project wizard, or import a general project.

  3. Select the method for importing the project and click Next to continue. Depending on which method you chose, you will be directed to the New Project wizard as described in Creating a Vitis IDE Project, or you will be guided through the process of importing an Eclipse project or general project.