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Vitis Unified Software Platform Documentation: Application Acceleration Development (UG1393)

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2020.2 English
Important: This option cannot be used with embedded processor platforms.

The validate command generates a high-level, easy to read summary of the installed card. It validates correct installation by performing the following set of tests:

  1. Validates the card found.
  2. Checks PCI Express link status.
  3. Runs a verify kernel on the card.
  4. Performs the following data bandwidth tests:
    1. DMA test: Data transfers between host and card memory through PCI Express.
    2. DDR or HBM test: Data transfers between kernels and card memory.

It has the following command line format:

xbutil validate [-d card]

The following table lists the available option.

Table 1. xbutil validate Command Option
Option Description Required
-d <card> Specifies the target card. <card> can be specified as either the card_id or Bus:Device:Function (BDF). Defaults to card_id = 0 if not specified.
Note: Use the xbutil scan command to display both the card_id and BDF for installed cards.

The following is an example of the output after running this command:

INFO: Found 1 cards
INFO: Validating card[0]: xilinx_u200_xdma_201830_2
INFO: == Starting AUX power connector check:
INFO: == AUX power connector check PASSED
INFO: == Starting PCIE link check:
INFO: == PCIE link check PASSED
INFO: == Starting verify kernel test:
INFO: == verify kernel test PASSED
INFO: == Starting DMA test:
Buffer Size: 256 MB
Host -> PCIe -> FPGA write bandwidth = 8775.99 MB/s
Host <- PCIe <- FPGA read bandwidth = 12136.8 MB/s
INFO: == Starting device memory bandwidth test:
Maximum throughput: 52428 MB/s
INFO: == device memory bandwidth test PASSED
INFO: == Starting PCIE peer-to-peer test:
P2P BAR is not enabled. Skipping validation
INFO: == PCIE peer-to-peer test SKIPPED
INFO: == Starting memory-to-memory DMA test:
bank0 -> bank1 M2M bandwidth: 12010.3 MB/s  
bank0 -> bank2 M2M bandwidth: 12051.6 MB/s  
bank0 -> bank3 M2M bandwidth: 12063.5 MB/s  
bank1 -> bank2 M2M bandwidth: 12052.7 MB/s  
bank1 -> bank3 M2M bandwidth: 12048.2 MB/s  
bank2 -> bank3 M2M bandwidth: 12052.2 MB/s  
INFO: == memory-to-memory DMA test PASSED
INFO: Card[0] validated successfully.
INFO: All cards validated successfully.