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AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide (UG1076)

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2024.1 English
The Buffers table contains information related to the buffers that are mapped to the ADF graph. Typically, buffers are used in window connections.
Note: The use of buf# and buf#d means it is a ping-pong buffer.
Figure 1. Buffers Table
Table 1. Column Description
Column Name Description
Name The name of the connection where the buffer is allocated.
ID The unique ID given to the buffer by the AI Engine compiler.
Type The type of buffer being used. This can either be Memory or Stream. The connection to a window uses a ping-pong buffer, and connection to a stream might use a DMA buffer.
Net The net with which the buffer is associated.
Column The column location of the tile where the buffer is mapped by the compiler.
Row The row location of the tile where the buffer is mapped by the compiler.
Bank The bank of the tile where the buffer is mapped. The banks are: 0,1,2, or 3.
Note: The hardware view is 8 banks of 128 bit width. The software view is 4 banks of 256 bits width.
Offset The address offset of the buffer with the bank.
Size The size of the buffer in bytes.
Lock ID Unique ID per buffer if placed in the bank.
Lock Name The unique name of the lock associated with the buffer. This can be used to debug a lock stall on a buffer.