Importing Files - 2023.2 English

AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide (UG1076)

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2023.2 English

If you haven't added the source files when you created the component you can do it after by using the following steps. You can also use this technique to add missing source files or include files required to resolve any build errors and successfully build the AI Engine component.

  1. Right click the sources folder for importing in the Explorer window, select Import > Files/Folders
  2. Select the a file or folder, or hold Shift and select multiple files or folders
  3. Click Open
Tip: Imported files and folders are imported directly into the AI Engine component folder in the open workspace in the Vitis IDE.
If the sources specified in the graph header contain the relative path to the kernel sources, there is no need to add each sub-directory to the config file. If there is no relative path you will need to add the include file manually. In the following code all kernel paths are point relative to the top directory, so adding the kernel folder is sufficient:
adf::source(interpolator) = "kernels/interpolators/";
adf::source(clip) = "kernels/polar_clip.cpp";
adf::source(classify) = "kernels/classifiers/";

The general recommendation is to add all the sub-directories manually to the config file to ensure completeness. Right-click on any directory under sources in Component Explorer, select copy path, and paste it into the config file using the same syntax as existing included files.