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2024.1 English

The Kernels table shows detailed information about the kernels used by the ADF graph. For example, the following figure shows three kernels, interpolator, clip and classify. The following example code shows the fir_27t_sym_hb_2i, polar_clip and classifier kernel functions being instantiated as kernels in the graph.

interpolator = kernel::create(fir_27t_sym_hb_2i);
clip = kernel::create(polar_clip);
classify = kernel::create(classifier);
Figure 1. Kernels Table
Table 1. Column Description
Column Description
Graph Instance Shows a hierarchical view of the design graph along with the sub-graphs and kernels.
ID Unique ID given to the kernel from the AI Engine compiler.
AI Engine Kernel The kernel function name. This does not need to match the kernel instantiated name in the graph class. For example, the fir_27t_sym_hb_2i is the function name and instantiated as interpolator as seen in the preceding code.
Source The kernel source file. Clicking this file name opens up the source file of the kernel.
Column The column in the AI Engine array where the kernel is mapped.
Row The row in the AI Engine array where the kernel is mapped.
Schedule The order in which kernels, if mapped to the same tile (i.e., same Column, Row) executes. A 0 means no scheduling is set.
Runtime Ratio The runtime ratio set in the graph by using runtime<ratio>(<kernel>) = n constraint.
Graph Source The source file (graph.h) with line number where the kernel is instantiated. Clicking on the link opens up the source file at the line number.