Cross Probing - 2023.2 English

AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide (UG1076)

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2023.2 English
Debugging a design is a complicated process and often needs to switch between views/reports. The Vitis IDE supports this functionality and allows detailed inspection of events and their associated timing. Cross probing allows you to probe data in different views allowing you to view I/O data from different perspectives, including data on a particular tile or port, and at what time an event occurred, all within the same window. The Trace and Graph views can be shown in the same window and moving the time marker in the Trace view or selecting object(s) in the Graph view applies to both views simultaneously.
  1. Use the New Horizontal Group and New Vertical Group toolbar buttons () to manage views/reports.
  2. In the following image, the Trace and Graph view are selected to appear in the same window.
  3. Use the filter button () to select tiles, functions, input/output ports, DMA, and locks to be included or excluded from the trace view to focus on areas of interest.
  4. Drag the time marker to move the time backwards and forwards to evaluate events at a given time. Events occurring after the selected time are highlighted in the events table of the Trace view at the bottom of the screen.