Setting the FMC Voltage to 1.8V - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem Product Guide (PG299)

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3.0 English
To run the example design on the ZCU102/VCU118 board, ensure that only one ZCU102/VCU118 board is connected to the host PC. This tool does not work with multiple ZCU102/VCU118 connected to the host PC. There is no UART selection in this tool. Also, the FMC voltage is set to 1.8V. If you forget to set the FMC voltage, the following symptoms might occur:
  • Random AUX failures
  • Training failures
To set the FMC VADJ voltage:
  1. Connect the ZCU102/VCU118 board from the host PC to the USB UART port and power up the board.
  2. Open the ZCU102/VCU118 SCUI tool and select the FMC tab.
  3. On the Set VADJ tab, select the Set VADJ to 1.8V.

Note: The SCUI tool can only be used with one board per one PC. If there are more than two ZCU102 boards connected to a PC, then it does not work.