Enabling Main Link Video - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem Product Guide (PG299)

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3.0 English

Main link video should not be enabled until a proper video source has been provided to the source core. Typically the source device wants to read the EDID from the attached sink device to determine its capabilities, most importantly its preferred resolution (and other supported resolutions if the preferred mode is not be available). When a resolution has been determined, set the Main Stream Attributes in the source core (0x180 to 0x1B0). Enable the main stream (0x084) only when a reliable video source is available.

Important: When the main link video is enabled, the scrambler/de-scrambler must be reset every 512th BS Symbol as described in section of the DisplayPort standard. For simulation purposes, you should force a scrambler reset by writing a 1 to 0x0C0 before the main link is enabled to reduce the amount of time after startup needed to align the scrambler/de-scrambler.