AUX Channel Command for I2C Transactions - 3.0 English

DisplayPort 1.4 TX Subsystem Product Guide (PG299)

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3.0 English

The subsystem supports a special AUX channel command intended to make I2C over AUX transactions faster and easier to perform. In this case, the host bypasses the external I2C master/slave interface and initiates the command by directly writing to the register set.

The sequence for performing these transactions is exactly the same as a native AUX channel transaction with a change to the command written to the AUX_COMMAND register. The supported I2C commands are summarized in the following table.
Table 1. I2C over AUX Commands
AUX_COMMAND[11:8] Command
0x0 IIC Write
0x4 IIC Write MOT
0x1 IIC Read
0x5 IIC Read MOT
0x6 IIC Write Status with MOT
0x2 IIC Write Status
By using a combination of these commands, the host can emulate an I2C transaction. The following figure shows the flow of I2C transactions.
Figure 1. I2C Device Transactions, Write (Left) and Read (Right)

Because I2C transactions might be significantly slower than AUX channel transactions, the host should be prepared to receive multiple AUX_DEFER reply codes during the execution of the above state machines.

The AUX-I2C commands are as follows:
MOT Definition
  • Middle Of Transaction bit in the command field.
  • This controls the stop condition on the I2C slave.
  • For a transaction with MOT set to 1, the I2C bus is not STOPPED, but left to remain the previous state.
  • For a transaction with MOT set to 0, the I2C bus is forced to IDLE at the end of the current command or in special Abort cases.
Partial ACK
For I2C write transactions, the Sink core can respond with a partial ACK (ACK response followed by the number of bytes written to I2C slave).
Special AUX commands include:
Write Address Only and Read Address Only
These commands do not have any length field transmitted over the AUX channel. The intent of these commands are to:
  • Send address and RD/WR information to I2C slave. No Data is transferred.
  • End previously active transaction, either normally or through an abort.

The Address Only Write and Read commands are generated from the source by using Bit[12] of the command register with command as I2C WRITE/READ.

Write Status
This command does not have any length information. The intent of the command is to identify the number of bytes of data that have been written to an I2C slave when a Partial ACK or Defer response is received by the source on a AUX-I2C write.

The Write status command is generated from the source by using Bit[12] of the command register with command as I2C WRITE STATUS.

IIC Timeout
The Sink controller monitors the IIC bus after a transaction starts and looks for an IIC stop occurrence within 1 second. If an IIC stop is not received, it is considered as an IIC timeout and the sink controller issues a stop condition to release the bus. This timeout avoids a lock-up scenario.