Working with Presets to Control Block Design Views - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2022.2 English

There are several pre-built presets provided to show different "views" of the block design canvas.

Figure 1. Presets to Control Viewing Objects on Block Design Canvas

These preset options are explained below.

Default View
The Default View is a preset with some pre-selected options from the Layers, Colors, and General tab.
Interface View
Selecting this view shows only the interface level connectivity on the block design canvas. None of the other nets are shown when this view is selected. If only IP with no interfaces are present on the block design, all these IP "disappear" from the block design canvas when this option is selected.
Figure 2. Interface View

Reduced Jogs
This option reduces the "jogs" present in the block design nets connected to various endpoints. For example, see the following figure shows the effect of selecting this option.
Figure 3. Reduced Jogs View

As you can see, the pins A, B, and CLK have been moved to keep the nets straight.

No Loops
This option readjusts the location of the pins of a cell to reduce loopback present in net connectivity between endpoints. Typically, the inputs (or Slave interfaces) are located on the left side of a cell instance symbol or block. Likewise, the outputs (or Master Interfaces) are shown on the right side of the symbol. Selecting this option, allows for relocating the input/output (or Master/Slave) pins to reduce loopbacks in the design as shown in the following figure.
Figure 4. No Loops View
Grouping and No Loops
This preset is a combination of creating groups of pins and reducing loops.
Color Coded
This view color codes different nets such as nets connecting clocks. resets, interfaces, etc. with different colors as shown in the following figure.
Figure 5. Color Coded View
Addressing View
When you select this view, only the addressing connectivity on the block design canvas will display, thus providing a simplified view. No other nets will be shown, and any IP that do not belong in the address path will not appear in the block design canvas.
Save As New View
New or custom views are created by selecting several options based on personal preferences. Once the options are chosen from the Layers, Colors, and General tab in the Settings dialog box, that view can be saved as a custom view. Select this option to open up the Save View As dialog box where the view can be given a custom name.
Figure 6. Save View As

Once the view is saved, it becomes persistent in your Vivado® IDE settings, and subsequently will be available for all projects open in Vivado IDE.

Figure 7. Saved View
Remove View
A custom view created as shown above can be removed by selecting the Remove View option. Preset views cannot be removed using this option.
Reset View
To reset a view to the default settings provided by Vivado, select the Reset View option.