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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG994)

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2022.2 English

The address editor toolbar allows you to control which leaf rows are shown, based on state:

Figure 1. Address Editor Toolbar
The slave segment does not have any address assignments.
The slave segment is assigned an address within a master's address space and the slave will be visible to the master.
In order to prevent a master from accessing a slave in a network, you can mark an address assignment (Master Segment) as excluded.

For example, consider a design where two masters connect to two slaves through a SmartConnect. Normally the SmartConnect would be fully connected and both masters would see both slaves. In order to prevent one master from accessing a slave, it is not enough to simply leave the path unassigned. Marking a path as excluded will configure the network to block the unwanted address path.

During validation, you will get a critical warning if there are any unassigned paths, so paths must be marked either as assigned or excluded.

In some cases there might be a path where there are no valid address assignments for a path, for example if there are no overlapping apertures along a path. In this case auto-assignment will exclude these paths.

Unconnected and Incomplete Paths
If a master or slave is on the block diagram and does not have a complete addressing path from master to slave, it is listed in the following ways:
Unconnected Masters and Unconnected Slaves
If a master or slave is on the block diagram and does not have a complete addressing path from master to slave, then it is listed in the address editor in the Unconnected Masters group or Unconnected Slaves group. This helps to resolve incomplete/unconnected portions of a design.
Figure 2. Unconnected Master and Unconnected Slaves
Incomplete Paths
If an address assignment or exclusion is made for an address path, and then a part of the path is removed or disconnected on the diagram, then the assignment (Master Segment) will still be present even though the path connecting the master and slave no longer exists. This allows the connection to be re-added and the assignment preserved.

An assigned but disconnected path will be shown in the address editor as a incomplete path. To resolve, either unassign or reconnect the path.

Figure 3. Incomplete Paths